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Professor Jane Rendell
BA (Hons), Dip Arch, MSc, PhD is Director of Architectural Research at the Bartlett, UCL summing up at Not yet.... Art and Archaeology in the Context of Urban Renewal, Arnolfini April 2007, organised by Situations

Venice makes this possible?

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I was wandering around looking for joyful, creative behavior in the afternoon. Then I bought a large sheet of paper and a pencil, sat in the last of the evening sunlight in a calle off Via Garibaldi and began to map the area. A boy came up to me and was asking me what I was doing, we tried really hard to communicate and the language difference meant that I started clowning and gesturing more than usual. He went off to the other end of the Calle and began playing with his tennis racket and ball against the wall of his house. I went and watched him and stood around awkwardly.

Intro to Street Training for architects and planners

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Venice Street Training August 28th


Welcome to your Street Training program. Street Training is a name for all the joyful, funny, subversive, responsive or poetic things people do as we use the streets. And everyone does things over and above just walking down the street with your walking down the street face on, going shopping and going to work as fast as possible. What do you do? Imagine what people are thinking, stop to smell flowers, secretly race people?

Hoxton Street training - performance opportunity!

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The unfolding story of a collective assault on the culture of fear and cynicism that pervades urban city streets.

Each performance will be different as we follow our desires and re-make the streets together.

“We met at the theatre and hoped we might get a glimpse of something precious in the world around us or in ourselves. Maybe we wanted to find out 'how to be joyful' in the city.”

Walk Walk Walk street training session

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For this week’s street training session Gail, Serena and Clare from Walk Walk Walk came to the city farm and talked to us about the projects they have been doing around Pedley Street.

Brazil and Rio Reflections

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I planned to spend one month in Bahia experiencing the deep symbiotic relation to nature that permaculture pointed to, for me. To continue learning capoeira with masters as a way to deepen my understanding of how one can acquire another’s culture and experience by emulating their body movements. I then intended to live for three months in Rio to subjectively explore the emotional and psychological landscape of the city and investigate the idea that “the favela is the university of malandragem” as I was told by one of the many people I had previously quizzed on the subject.

Rio - Reflections

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At the start of the residency I wrote
“My ways of inhabiting my body will change but some will stay the same. As I change within the currents and interplays of self, environment and culture how much control do I have over this process?”
diary Bahia, Brazil January 12th

On April 22nd 2009 I wrote

Venetian teenager's Street Training techniques

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On the 8th June I delivered a Street Training workshop with the support of Amy Pettifer and Viola Carnelutti from muf architecture/art to a group of 25 school children. The session began with an explanation of how joy shapes cities and young people and children are experts on joyful behaviour. I explained that was why I wanted to learn with them so as to gather their ways of being in the street and pass them on during the architecture biennale.

Spitalfields Street Training Course based at Spitalfields City Farm

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We had a quick meal of freshly picked salad from the farm with bread and goats cheese. Got to know eachother a bit - people are from many varied cities such as Glasgow, Sao Paulo, San Francisco, Dorking and Croyden.

We did a bit of getting to know each other's strenghts and skills and thought about the skils we want to develop.

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