Submitted by Lottie on Mon, 2010-02-15 22:23

Situation one

A young man is walking along the top of a wall and a resident comes over and shouts at him to get down

Situation two

As part of a street training session lead by Lottie, using a traffic cone as a mega phone is demonstrated as a good idea, you try it , shouting ‘smelly slippers’ a resident on a balcony above is very angry and upset by this, they shout at you in a very angry way.

Situation three

Three of you find a bollard that fits into a muddy hole, you pick it up, put it in and water splashes your trainers, you find it alarming and then you find it funny and decide to do it again. Just then a community support officer shouts at you.

Situation four

During a street training session some one sits on the top of a railing and leans out in front of moving cars

Situation five

During a street training session an older man wants to try a very risky floor diving technique, he is overweight and unfit

Situation six

During a street training session some one throws water onto the window of some one else’s house

Situation seven

During a street training session where everyone is suddenly doing a massive mass kung fu fight some one comes up and punches you too hard

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