Venetian teenager's Street Training techniques

Submitted by Lottie on Wed, 2010-07-07 07:25

On the 8th June I delivered a Street Training workshop with the support of Amy Pettifer and Viola Carnelutti from muf architecture/art to a group of 25 school children. The session began with an explanation of how joy shapes cities and young people and children are experts on joyful behaviour. I explained that was why I wanted to learn with them so as to gather their ways of being in the street and pass them on during the architecture biennale. I gave a list of activities I had previously identified as joyful ways to experience and interact with the city created while I walked and watched people the day before.

• The children lead each other around the square with their eyes closed to sensitize. Then they went off in groups to devise routes with joyful activities for eachother. The group that I was with:

• Rang doorbells and run away
• Took flowers from outside a restaurant
• Came with me to walk along side Japanese tourists and share their sun umbrellas
• Went up and down the stairs in playful ways
• Shook hands or high fived with a long line of tourists
• Put the cardboard boxes they saw in the street on their heads
• Drew in chalk around people who lay down including the child of Japanese people who were taking pictures of us
• Get your picture taken with a tourist
• Steal grissini from outside restaurants
• Tango with tourists outside restaurants
• Climb on everything
• Lie on the ground and shout out the name of the person you love
• Put down the chair in a café and run away.
• Walk backwards
• Do 360 degree turns on the steps
• Roll down the bridge
• Say hi to tourists
• Jump on a gondola
• Stand at the phone box and sing
• Walk like a tourist behind a tourist
• Chase pigeons
• Practice one armed hand stands on Via Garibaldi
• Smell flowers
• Go into the bushes and explore
• Put your fingers in the holes in the walls
• Draw tiny graffiti in pencil on unexpected corners
• Draw huge pictures on the ground
• Lie down on the ground
• Ring the door bell and run away
• Follow a butterfly
• Listen to music from people’s windows

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