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Kate Entwhistle is one of our new Street Trainers she says "Lottie came into my school (Central School of Speech and Drama) and gave us a talk on was street training was and how it had come about. After that we went out to the areas surrounding school at did a bit of playing about. I thought it was so much fun and liberating; it really is about following your desires. I found that if i saw something and i wanted to do it then i should just do it, try it out and see how it feels. I felt like i was reworking the sites where we were and seeing and feeling them all over again in a completely different way. My favourite moment during my street training session was waiting at a zebra crossing for drivers to stop and then "roboting" across the road then doing a few second dance to the man in the van, waiting cartwheeling across the zebra crossing was also fun. I'm really interested in pushing the boundaries with street training but not necessarily running around screaming doing it but instead just taking a session a little calmer on a route with the same size group perhaps in a busier area to see how people react and if it created and audience."
Welcome Kate

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Central School of Speach and Drama

Louise Owne Lecturer, Applied Theatre Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London http://www.cssd.ac.uk/undergrad.php/14/drama_applied_theatre_and_educati... Invited me to do a session with the first year BA students. I Met with them on Monday, introduced them to Street Training and then we went out and hit the streets. Techniques they innovated are:
Get into a platic bread crate give the end of your scarf to some one and have them pull you down the sloping street.
when you find a little fire engine shaped tent, get into it with some one and walk down the road making nee nor noises and wait at the zebra crossing
move barriers
make rhythms on everything
plant cornflower seeds
like on the steps
get in a line and do but wiggling dances on the steps of the library
run and catch snow in your mouth
don't step on the cracks
use the water features water spurts as a set of hurdles
make dates with the people you talk to on the street
try to make drivers laugh
when drivers stop at the zebra crossing make use of the time and space for a short performance