How to be joyful

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Who said this? "I like to keep myself sane by navigating my way home from the public house as 'the crow would fly''..ignoring bourgois notions of private property and disregarding the imposition of road-planning as a technology that 'forces' the user to comply with the rules as they are encountered..instead I like scaling as many fences and walls whilst also navigating as much garden furniture/security guards/barbed wire and dogs as possible...either that or I simply enjoy pushing commuters in front of trains."

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recent E1 sessions

Submitted by Lottie on Wed, 2008-08-20 16:16

Sunday 10,17th August

Aldgate/Spitalfields technique

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Here are the ideas, memories and thoughts of the group from the august 17th session. "There was a five year old with a scooter on the bus it was so dangerous and so funny every one connected because of it.There was this kid on the bus singing Christmas carols and every one was like oh god but in the end every one was laughing it was great.

Surf on the circular things in the middle of bendy busses

Use the hand rails on the tube as a gym

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