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Tate Britain Street Training

Submitted by Lottie on Sat, 2008-10-18 12:24
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on the 22nd November members of Tate Forum will guide shapers of public space and members of the public on a circuit in the vicinity of Tate Britain. We will be demonstrating techniques for being joyful in public spaces. Don't just walk down the street with your walking-down-the-street face on, try such things as joining human lines to link objects in the landscape or seeing how many people can fit on a paving stone.
please book a place by following the link below

Peckham Street Training

Submitted by ruthc on Sun, 2008-10-05 23:16
Walking on a low wall

Peckham Space commissioned Lottie Child and to develop the Peckham Street Training project.

Second Peckham Session

Submitted by ruthc on Wed, 2008-09-17 23:01
A Passer-by does the Mobile Limbo

In our second Street Training Session with children from Gloucester Primary School, we looked at the blog posts here that recorded their first ideas for having fun in the streets. In the last session they practiced techniques in the playground but out in the streets they developed them and invented loads of new moves for the Peckham Street Training tour based on the things that they found on the way.
in this photo a passing cyclist has been enticed into doing limbo with us, i made her smile.

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First Peckham Session

Submitted by Lottie on Thu, 2008-09-11 15:57
Gloucester Primary, Group profile picture

This Wednesday the 10th Sept we had our first training session with children from Gloucester Primary School. We worked in the playground to try a few things out and to think about ways we could teach adults to be more joyful in the streets of Peckham. During our next session we will be working together to develop a public Street Training tour starting in Peckham Square. (Saturday 20th Sept 2pm Peckham Square).

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Peckham Street Training

Submitted by ruthc on Sun, 2008-08-31 18:31
Peckham Street Training

Lottie Child &
Peckham Street Training is the second project from Peckham Space featuring artist Lottie Child and net art organisation
Public Talk: Participation and Contemporary Art
Thursday 4 September 2008 7-9pm
South London Gallery
65 Peckham Road
London SE5 8UH
The General Public Agency will be in conversation with Lottie Child and talking about the role of play in the public realm.
Public Event: Peckham Street Training
Saturday 20 September 2008
Meet at 2pm & 4pm
Peckham Square
Peckham Road
London SE15 8RS

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Important Announcement: Preparing to Go Public

Submitted by Aileen on Fri, 2008-08-29 08:13

Monday, 1st September 2008: IMPORTANT

As we prepare to go public with this site, the new URL is

The "playground" is closed now.

If you already have an account, your login and password should still work. If you encounter any problems logging in, please contact Aileen.

The final public URL will be - we are not quite there yet, but soon!

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Breaking News: This is Our Structure

Submitted by Aileen on Sun, 2008-07-27 07:37
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    Meeting in Peckham

    Submitted by ruthc on Sat, 2008-07-26 19:53

    We're all meeting (well apart from Aileen <-sniff->) in Peckham on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the workshops in Peckham. I will be expected to have something to show- a rationale, a structure, a working prototype. Very excited by how far we've go so far but still some way to go.

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    If there were news from Camberwell, it would go - where?

    Submitted by Aileen on Sat, 2008-07-19 20:58

    This is a *story* that should end up in two different places - both news and groups

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