On BBC Radio 24th august

Submitted by Lottie on Mon, 2009-08-24 09:56
sceaux team.jpg

Street Training was on BBC radio for the second time. Today Lottie Child was on the Robert Elms Show, BBC London 94.9 fm talking about The Sceaux Street Training Team, a group of young people from the Sceaux Gardens estate in Camberwell who are preparing to train Policy makers and law enforcers in how to have more fun in the streets. As Street Training continues to explore the ever shifting boundaries between creative and antisocial behaviour. listen here

This photo is from the first session we did with policy makers and local councilors in November last year. The team take participants through a series of techniques for more joyful uses of public space.
Sceaux Street Training Techniques include:

bollard leapfrog
fence vaulting
smelling roses
pressing the button for the lift and then racing it up the stairs
handbag tossing
police cordon limbo
spontaneous dancing
making falling leaf snow
squeezing through small openings
balancing on a railing while holding a box of fried chicken.

Street Training has been featured on BBC radio four, Woman's hour, folow the link below