Breaking News: This is Our Structure

Submitted by Aileen on Sun, 2008-07-27 07:37
  • News (stories, access: admin, artist)
    – short announcements about meetings, events, sessions, etc.
    – tags: news, respective locations
  • Street Training Groups (stories, access: admin, artist)
    – information about activities in various places
    – tags: respective locations, free tagging
  • Street Training Practices (blog, access: admin, artist, street trainers)
    – input from Street Trainers feeds into blog
    – free tagging, but posts tagged with technique are filtered into separate blog
    – check that content matches block top right
  • Street Training Techniques (blog, access: admin, artist)
    – posts tagged with technique are streamed into this blog
  • Networks (page, access: admin, artist?)
    – list of relevant links
  • Block: Street Training Manuals to download (page, access: admin, artist)
  • ( categories: )

    Stories or blogs in the development section?

    Allowing only blogs means we can't move a post like this to the development section. Maybe need to rethink the question