Dogs in the streets

Submitted by sophie on Wed, 2008-09-17 21:50
Safety with stray dogs

We went from school to Peckham Square thinking of ways to have more fun in the streets. When we were on the green path a big old English sheep dog came up to me and I patted and stroked it. It seemed friendly. We didn't know where its owner was though and Holly and the other adults were worried about whether it was safe. We agreed that it is safer to ask dog's owners before playing with them because you just don't know what might make them nervous.

After lunch we all got a bit frustrated trying to decide what we should do next. Some of us decided that we should go to the park but the gates were locked and we all got a bit frustrated.

I also found apples with Maria, I was the only one brave enough to eat one though. I also slid down a lamppost outside Yemisi's house and climbed another lamppost along the path.