Sao Paulo

Submitted by georgerae on Wed, 2009-12-16 14:03
Sao Paulo

he told me that Sao Paulo is very dangerous and that i should be careful 'cuitatdo' or a word like that. he said there is a lot of crack and that usually this place would be more dodgy but its quiet today because its a holiday. I was hungry and thirsty and found a wonderful place on a corner to have something to eat. them i was sleepy again and there was a park right there so i went and tried to lie down on the grass but people walk their dogs in the park so it was covered in dog shit and impossible to sit down. the park had kids playing football and well dressed people walking dogs on one side. on the other side were street sleepers and their cardboard and stuff. There was a clear line dividing the park between the two and i saw that where the street sleepers were was perfect for a nap with a wide ledge like a bench and so i walked over to it and sat down. i felt self conscious and at the same time no one was really paying any attention to me. After a few moments i felt so tired that i lay down and was actually asleep when i felt a tap on my arm. A teenage boy was standing over me, he wanted me to move along the ledge a little to where his sheet of cardboard and grey blanket were so i could sleep better there. He actually made me get under the blanket i wanted to sleep on top but he said get inside and i'll be just over there. he went off and i felt more secure in some ways was able to relax but my mind was going crazy thinking what might happen and wondering what to do. he came back again with an ice cream tub with some yellow stuff to eat but i didn't like the look of it. he asked me if i was on the streets and i wasn't sure how to explain myself, i said no i have a hotel just over there, but i can't sleep. I'm really tired and couldn't sleep last night. he said its really strange to come and sleep here. i said that in england its not so strange to sleep in a park and that over there is covered with dog shit. we talked for a while, he brought a friend over we talked and i asked them if they like hip hop they sang some to me and i sang a salt and pepper or maybe money love song that i remembered, then they asked do you know the red hot Chilly Peppers? and would you sing something from them so i sang.
sometimes i feel like i don't have a partner
sometimes i feel like my only friend
is the city i live in
the city of angels
lonely as i am together we fall.