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SLG 14

this invitation was sent to specially selected local councilors, journalists with an interest in play and antisocial behaviour, local police, tenants and residents association members
TRAINING OPPORTUNITY 4.00-6.00pm September 16th 2009
“Play has been all but designed out of public space. Play is not the sole preserve of children, in adults it increases spontaneity, flexibility and creative thinking.” – Lottie Child
The South London Gallery would like to offer a select group of professionals the opportunity to participate in a unique training away-day with artist Lottie Child and young people from Sceaux Gardens estate. The training is designed to teach you how to have more fun in the streets and public spaces.
You will be among a group made up of invited professionals and partners who have a direct interest in young people, public space, risk management and anti-social behaviour.
Lottie Child has developed her practice around the idea of ‘Street Training’ for the last 8 years, a methodology which “fuses participatory art practice, play, teaching and learning”. Lottie’s work is exhibited internationally. (For more information on Lottie’s work, visit the street training website . The half-day will comprise:
Material generated out of the project will be collated/evaluated with the aim of establishing new long-term dialogues between professionals and young people around anti-social behaviour and how it is assessed in a variety of public contexts.

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