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Breaking News: This is Our Structure

Submitted by Aileen on Sun, 2008-07-27 07:37
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    Meeting in Peckham

    Submitted by ruthc on Sat, 2008-07-26 19:53

    We're all meeting (well apart from Aileen <-sniff->) in Peckham on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the workshops in Peckham. I will be expected to have something to show- a rationale, a structure, a working prototype. Very excited by how far we've go so far but still some way to go.

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    If there were news from Camberwell, it would go - where?

    Submitted by Aileen on Sat, 2008-07-19 20:58

    This is a *story* that should end up in two different places - both news and groups

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