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I have too much energy to simply walk down the street. I practice Street Training everyday.

I am a creative designer maker and I love to make things from paper.

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Web site admin, interested in how people move in virtual space, physical space and the communication spaces in between.

Participei de oficina com a Lottie Child em 2009 na cidade de Guarapuava, Paraná, Brasil. Interessam-me práticas de desestabilização da maneira como nos comportamos, nos deslocamos e nos movimentamos.

Acadêmico do curso de Arte-Educação.

I participated in a two hour session at my university, Central School of Speech and Drama.
That was enough to change my mind on the way I want to go about moving in my environment.
I would really like tell others about this idea.

I am a graduate from the Drama, Applied Theatre and Education degree.

One of the first Street trainers in London in Camberwell and Kings Cross and Hoxton.

Dancer, Director of the Biodanzasrt school of London, Brighton Devon & Cornwall. Dance and Yoga teacher .....
l.... had to re register again as i have changed my email address and web site

Urban Ideas Bakery London - Kaunas
Street Design London - Frankfurt

I have been linked with Space Hijackers since 1999
I work with Street Reclaiming and Design in Kings Cross

I`m not involved with street training but curious to see if some of the methods used is relevant to my artistic practice.

I am an artist living in Norway. Currently I`m experimenting on communication across cultural borders, mostly within neighborhoods. My methods tend to move between academic based transfer of knowledge, and more playful and activity based approach.

Yesterday I participated to a street training session in Hoxton. I felt a bit awkward because I arrived late and decided to be both a viewer and a participant. Anyhow, it was really helpful because it made me a bit more confident of my surroundings. I just arrived to London from Venice, Italy. I've been having a bit of a rough start in getting settled here in the city (looking for a flat-share, job, fitting in, getting to know my way around). After the session I walked home with a different view of the city and I felt safer. I'd love to do more sessions while I am here and in any other place I go! I will be in Berlin with friends for new year's. I would love to introduce street training to all of them and have a session during that week.

I'm venetian/american. I will be doing a MSc in Law and Anthropology at the LSE for the year in London. I love languages and I am currently tutoring a PhD student in Italian here in London. I speak italian, english, french, spanish, and hindi. I don't have a place to live yet, so if anyone has any suggestions or needs a flatmate let me know! I lived in India for a while where I studied Indian classical dance in Rajasthan and worked with children up in the Himalayas. I will be around west kensington a lot dancing Odissi at the Bhavan Centre, Institute of Indian Art and Culture.

i dont hace any experience of street training, I want to learn and contribute with my work.

I am working with Lottie for the Hoxton Hall project.

i am a dancer, but street training interests and challenges me in many ways. i think i have always done my own version of street training naturally, and will always have this, but want to keep street training for sure.

I'm helping Lottie with Street training, doing admin stuff, writing, jumping about and generally mucking in.

I've done street training in aldgate and in south london. In the future I want to climb higher and sing more loudly.

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I'm part of the group who will perform 'Street Training' at the Urbanism Season at Hoxton Hall.

I love improvisations, spontaneity, energy from accumulated people or empty spaces, languages spoken and unspoken, reversed and rubbished and let out, time and space for the subtleties and growths of life, our sensing.

Occasional blog and facebook group the Expanding Web of Life Performance

I haven't yet been involved, but am very interested in this as it sounds as if there are connections to my PhD on how children use space differently, and how we can involver them more in the design process

I am part of the Street Training Hoxton Group.

Began Street Training June 2010 down Spitalfields way. Early days! Am interested in more climbing, jumping, lifting and affirming interactions with street users.

I'm interested in spontaneity and the impulse to say yes to things, an impulse that gets stamped down too often; I do a lot of improvisational theatre which is a lovely way to practise this while laughing your head off.

born in 1963 in Verona, Italy, she lives and between Varese and Milan. After high school she went to fashion school, precisely to the “Istituto Secoli” in Milan, and she pursued the path of the fashion designer. She began to lean toward contemporary art through Fibre art in Italy as well as abroad, winning competitions such as the Biennale Internazionale di arti tessili (international biennale of textile art) in 2001in UKRAINA/Kherson- and she participated in Textile Art exhibitions such as the Biennale in Chieti. At the same time she swayed towards conceptual art and new media with special attention to the body and sexuality experienced as a form of social activism.