Street Trainers from the group Aldgate/Spitalfields

Began Street Training June 2010 down Spitalfields way. Early days! Am interested in more climbing, jumping, lifting and affirming interactions with street users.

I'm interested in spontaneity and the impulse to say yes to things, an impulse that gets stamped down too often; I do a lot of improvisational theatre which is a lovely way to practise this while laughing your head off.

I'm really an interested onlooker at the moment, open and interested in doing more though!

I love growing food and fermenting drinks, I like deep one-on-one conversations in the midst of busy parties, I'm enjoying putting down deeper roots in the area I live (Kentish Town), I know a lot about cocoa farming and chocolate, I love working with children though I can't always understand what they are saying, and I'm very interested in how to cultivate hope when faced with a dark future...

I just had a lecture and would like to take part

I have a youth work background, set up youth councils and youth club in my home town. Before moving to london where i did a foundation at chelsea school of art. Am now finishing a degree from Central School of Speech and Drama in Applied theatre

a First time participent in street training.

I am a contrandiction of british culture. I Have lived in a rural comunity for most of my childhood, later moving to london to become an art student. I Don't feel a true sense of belonging in either however, I wish to experience all possible cultural experiences availible to me. I belive it is important to make time for everyone no matter what path of life they walk. People are to eager to catagorize.


a couple of sessions with Lottie in E1 and also a bit of Urban Napping in summer 2008 along side my own practice when I feel like it. but i like dancing and singing in the street and espcially like climbing onto walls / other bits of street furniture. i want to do more climbing of buildings, but not sure I trust myself enough yet!

although I do street training because I like it, i also have an academic interest in it and other ways of creating 'public' space to make ourselves happier and our cities better.

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experimenting with pulling my normally solitary activities (graffiti...tree climbing) into a public group situation.

Artist -
painter, photographer, draughtsman, beano character.

showing a little bit of clowning, encouraging people to reverse pick-pocket, bounce balls, copy walks, lie down in the middle of the road, walk on railings, swing around lamp posts, sing in public, wave to people on busses, hug beggars, buskers and bums. walking in the middle of the road instead of on the pavement whenever possible. looking up at the sky, especially when walking under leafy/ berried/ flowering trees. playing capoeira on street corners and slapping the bums of passers-by.

street training has changed my life. my every day travelling around the city has become joyful instead of mundane. everyone should join in!

i would like to have a way of sharing our day-to-day activities with each other, and of challenging co-trainers/ interested onlookers to complete certain activities as they go about their day.

i am a theatre maker interested in taking my practice out of the theatre and on to the streets. let's play!