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I'm helping Lottie with Street training, doing admin stuff, writing, jumping about and generally mucking in.

I've done street training in aldgate and in south london. In the future I want to climb higher and sing more loudly.

born in 1963 in Verona, Italy, she lives and between Varese and Milan. After high school she went to fashion school, precisely to the “Istituto Secoli” in Milan, and she pursued the path of the fashion designer. She began to lean toward contemporary art through Fibre art in Italy as well as abroad, winning competitions such as the Biennale Internazionale di arti tessili (international biennale of textile art) in 2001in UKRAINA/Kherson- and she participated in Textile Art exhibitions such as the Biennale in Chieti. At the same time she swayed towards conceptual art and new media with special attention to the body and sexuality experienced as a form of social activism.

Facilitator interested in encouraging positive self-image in persons recovering from mental illness who are in need of an escape from the stigma, which is commonly self imposed.

Mental Health Facilitator seeking ways in which to help people develop a positive self-image, satisfaction in life and life long skills in personal growth.

None so far, but I'd like to be.

I'm an actor working in education and training, plus some singing for health work.

I've just taken part in a lecture and workshop with Lottie Child. As she was talking to us about the work StreetTraining do, we decided to revolt as well as honoring the work they do by leaving the lecture and started playing games. It was a wicked session and can't wait to get involved more.

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A session on Street Training with Lottie Child at the Central School of Speech and Drama around the Swiss Cottage area.

I've often experienced Street Training activities when I'm abroad, but had never really thought to be more playful around my own environment. I don't believe London - or the UK for that matter - really allows for the cultivation of this experience. We are too focused on safety for us to understand the concept of being joyful on the street. I would like to incorporate Street Training into the routine of my life, and so in that way it will be less of a routine and more of a new experience, and a fresher outlook on my surroundings.

On Monday 8th February 2010, as part of my 'Performing Spaces' unit in CSSD Lottie came in and took a lesson on 'street training', telling us what it entails, followed by a actual street training session. In Swiss Cottage, we explored the area on a set route, using regular fixtures which I walk past every day in a new and exciting way. This was both challenging and unbelievably interesting. To begin with I was dubious about exploring the space in this way, but soon i became very involved surprising myself and my peers! My personal favourite was walking across a zebra crossing like a robot, creating a performance to an audience of drivers, who where both angry and bemused. I'm very keen to continue exploring the streets in this way, creating new meaning in the everyday, and testing the boundaries of what is considered the 'norm'.

I'm a first year student at the 'Central School of speech and Drama' studying Drama, Applied Theatre and Education.

A few weeks ago I partook in a Street Trainging session with Lottie Child at Cetral School of Speech and Drama. Not only did it release an the inner child, imagination and expression within myself but it also made the idea of play on the streets an attractive aspect rather than an Anti-social behavior - a view I would of concluded prior to the session. Street Training is something I find inspirational whislt also combining feelings of excitement and fear, a concept i find invigorating and fun. I love how street training combines a varitety of aspects such as martial arts, gymnastics, participation, sharing etc etc. However, what I find most intriguing is how we can learn and be taught by the innocence and imaginations of children, and how there is so much to learn from them, even though we ourselves use to be one and have been moulded and shaped to conform to society and 'their' rules.

Im currently at Central School fo Speech and Drama studying Drama, Applied Theatre and Education. Having had Street Training put in front of me, its made me realise how this inner being has always been lurking, and the small 'performances' or 'playing' i've done on the streest are of the street training and i'm glad i've found a place where people can share their experiences and perform as a group and individually.

P.S Sorry for all the spelling mistakes. XD

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Lottie came into my school (Central School of Speech and Drama) and gave us a talk on was street training was and how it had come about. After that we went out to the areas surrounding school at did a bit of playing about. I thought it was so much fun and liberating; it really is about following your desires. I found that if i saw something and i wanted to do it then i should just do it, try it out and see how it feels. I felt like i was reworking the sites where we were and seeing and feeling them all over again in a completely different way. My favourite moment during my street training session was waiting at a zebra crossing for drivers to stop and then "roboting" across the road then doing a few second dance to the man in the van, waiting cartwheeling across the zebra crossing was also fun. I'm really interested in pushing the boundaries with street training but not necessarily running around screaming doing it but instead just taking a session a little calmer on a route with the same size group perhaps in a busier area to see how people react and if it created and audience.

Im Kate Entwistle.

i have tried it

i was one of the first street trainers on sceaux gardens.

i am 16 and i am funny and i like food

i helped with the view and joined the group by completing a challenge.
i also ate doritos (yum yum)

i am fun and hyper...

Rockin the Camberwell project at South London Gallery and Sceaux Gardens Estate.

I'm writing this for Lauren and I'd say she is very committed and very inspiring for her multilayered commitment to the kids on the sceaux gardens estate.

Street Training, though potentially complicated when theory can get involved, was simplified so well and effectively by Lottie with those two questions: "What do you do to be safe in the streets?" and then "What do you to be joyful?", which immediately had our first year BA class in Drama, Applied Theatre and Education at Central School of Speech and Drama consider what the devil did it mean to be safe, when young women in Rio were tossing their bodies around sexually in an effort to be safe, and what is joy, and how is it to do you perform its existence? The following hour and a bit we spent navigating a short block around Swiss Cottage had us answer those questions by us surrendering to our "child-like" inclinations, which were/are/always have been quite explicit for us. :P We played with our surroundings, having fun in the streets, and began to negotiate those two questions...joyfully, and safely. :)

A curious little bugger with nothing better to do than be curious. :)

Central School of Speech and Drama, session on Monday 8th Feb

I am a DATE student at Central School of Speech and Drama. I took part in a street training session. I really enjoyed it and connected with the ideology and theory that formed the basis. I want to be a street trainer and get more involved in something I think is extremely important

introducing new urban games to make happy people in Santiago of Chile.

chilean young architect.

Some sessions (3? 4?) in London and two sessions in Guarapuava.

Interested in activism, art and happiness.

local area of hackney free and parochial school

having only been an onlooker to street training - i am going to find out more about it in a session today
i have done free running, and done a free running workshop with local free runners in bristol when i used to live there.....