My interest in Street Training

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I have too much energy to simply walk down the street. I practice Street Training everyday.

I am a creative designer maker and I love to make things from paper.

I participated in a two hour session at my university, Central School of Speech and Drama.
That was enough to change my mind on the way I want to go about moving in my environment.
I would really like tell others about this idea.

I am a graduate from the Drama, Applied Theatre and Education degree.

One of the first Street trainers in London in Camberwell and Kings Cross and Hoxton.

Dancer, Director of the Biodanzasrt school of London, Brighton Devon & Cornwall. Dance and Yoga teacher .....
l.... had to re register again as i have changed my email address and web site

Urban Ideas Bakery London - Kaunas
Street Design London - Frankfurt

I have been linked with Space Hijackers since 1999
I work with Street Reclaiming and Design in Kings Cross

Hoxton HAll

I am working with Lottie for the Hoxton Hall project.

i am a dancer, but street training interests and challenges me in many ways. i think i have always done my own version of street training naturally, and will always have this, but want to keep street training for sure.

I'm helping Lottie with Street training, doing admin stuff, writing, jumping about and generally mucking in.

I've done street training in aldgate and in south london. In the future I want to climb higher and sing more loudly.

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I'm part of the group who will perform 'Street Training' at the Urbanism Season at Hoxton Hall.

I love improvisations, spontaneity, energy from accumulated people or empty spaces, languages spoken and unspoken, reversed and rubbished and let out, time and space for the subtleties and growths of life, our sensing.

Occasional blog and facebook group the Expanding Web of Life Performance

I am part of the Street Training Hoxton Group.

Began Street Training June 2010 down Spitalfields way. Early days! Am interested in more climbing, jumping, lifting and affirming interactions with street users.

I'm interested in spontaneity and the impulse to say yes to things, an impulse that gets stamped down too often; I do a lot of improvisational theatre which is a lovely way to practise this while laughing your head off.

born in 1963 in Verona, Italy, she lives and between Varese and Milan. After high school she went to fashion school, precisely to the “Istituto Secoli” in Milan, and she pursued the path of the fashion designer. She began to lean toward contemporary art through Fibre art in Italy as well as abroad, winning competitions such as the Biennale Internazionale di arti tessili (international biennale of textile art) in 2001in UKRAINA/Kherson- and she participated in Textile Art exhibitions such as the Biennale in Chieti. At the same time she swayed towards conceptual art and new media with special attention to the body and sexuality experienced as a form of social activism.

I'm really an interested onlooker at the moment, open and interested in doing more though!

I love growing food and fermenting drinks, I like deep one-on-one conversations in the midst of busy parties, I'm enjoying putting down deeper roots in the area I live (Kentish Town), I know a lot about cocoa farming and chocolate, I love working with children though I can't always understand what they are saying, and I'm very interested in how to cultivate hope when faced with a dark future...

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Trying to figure out whether we know where we are going and what we are doing

Took part in a Street Training as part of NanoPolitics workshop lead by Lottie Child.

Wow I wasn't prepared for this, I should have sketched a speech or something. I am so bad at public speaking... If had know I'd have worn something a bit appropriate.

I've just taken part in a lecture and workshop with Lottie Child. As she was talking to us about the work StreetTraining do, we decided to revolt as well as honoring the work they do by leaving the lecture and started playing games. It was a wicked session and can't wait to get involved more.

I just had a lecture and would like to take part

I have a youth work background, set up youth councils and youth club in my home town. Before moving to london where i did a foundation at chelsea school of art. Am now finishing a degree from Central School of Speech and Drama in Applied theatre

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A session on Street Training with Lottie Child at the Central School of Speech and Drama around the Swiss Cottage area.

I've often experienced Street Training activities when I'm abroad, but had never really thought to be more playful around my own environment. I don't believe London - or the UK for that matter - really allows for the cultivation of this experience. We are too focused on safety for us to understand the concept of being joyful on the street. I would like to incorporate Street Training into the routine of my life, and so in that way it will be less of a routine and more of a new experience, and a fresher outlook on my surroundings.

On Monday 8th February 2010, as part of my 'Performing Spaces' unit in CSSD Lottie came in and took a lesson on 'street training', telling us what it entails, followed by a actual street training session. In Swiss Cottage, we explored the area on a set route, using regular fixtures which I walk past every day in a new and exciting way. This was both challenging and unbelievably interesting. To begin with I was dubious about exploring the space in this way, but soon i became very involved surprising myself and my peers! My personal favourite was walking across a zebra crossing like a robot, creating a performance to an audience of drivers, who where both angry and bemused. I'm very keen to continue exploring the streets in this way, creating new meaning in the everyday, and testing the boundaries of what is considered the 'norm'.

I'm a first year student at the 'Central School of speech and Drama' studying Drama, Applied Theatre and Education.